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March 4, 2011: Apple's iPad 2 hits the scene; TV sitcom star loses his Sheen

It takes a lot to upstage Steve Jobs unveiling yet another magical device, yet the Apple CEO and the iPad 2 were outdone by an insane, drug-addled actor on a media bender. The Charlie Sheen show dominated much of the news on the InterWebs this week, but it wasn't the only thing going on. "The Social Network" added some friends in Tinsel Town, taking home three Oscars. Google cleaned up its Android act, slightly, while finding new ways to frustrate Gmail users. And Libyan rebels found new ways to circumvent censorship imposed by despotic madman Moammar Gadhafi. Do you have what it takes to topple our quiz master? Give yourself 10 points every time you get one right. Now go out there and ...

1. Surprising absolutely no one, Steve Jobs introduced the sequel to Apple's smash hit iPad tablet this week. Which of the following is not one of its new features?

a. It now comes in white
b. You can play GarageBand on it
c. Two (count 'em, two) video cameras
d. Higher price tag

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