iSCSI learns new tricks

As converged Ethernet based on new data center bridging standards proliferates, iSCSI vendors quickly capitalize on the trend

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Many people still believe iSCSI can't cut it in the enterprise, which is better served by Fibre Channel. iSCSI vendors are doing their best to prove that assumption wrong.

Ever since 10Gbps Ethernet arrived, iSCSI has competed in the numbers game -- especially when stacked against 8Gbps Fibre Channel. But raw throughput isn't everything. To win the debate, Fibre Channel partisans simply look down their noses and observe that no Ethernet-based storage protocol, iSCSI included, can compete with FC's inherent performance advantages.

That conclusion still holds true to a certain extent, but the performance gap separating FC and iSCSI keeps narrowing. Eventually, other factors such as ease-of-use and flexibility may be more important. To decide which tool is right for the job, you need a solid feel for what differentiates FC from iSCSI; simply repeating that FC is "faster," while true, glosses over vital distinctions.

Fibre Channel on top

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