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Aug. 12, 2011: Apple can't be beat, Android's future looks sweet

There was Apple news left and right this week, but almost none of it came directly from Cupertino. A major Apple competitor just gave up the ghost, the company became the most highly valued corporation on the planet (for a while, anyway), California courts are taking action against a pair of iPhone scofflaws, and Google is apparently speeding up its next version of Android in anticipation of the as-yet-unannounced iPhone 5. But it wasn't quite all Apple, all the time. Sony won an award it surely did not want, Microsoft patched a flaw that's older than the hills, and the Web celebrated a major birthday. Are you in tune with all things tech? Prove it by nailing a perfect score on our quiz. Each correct answer is worth 10 points. Now begin.

1. The Apple juggernaut has made another competitor beat a hasty retreat. Who just threw in the towel?

a. Wal-Mart
b. Nokia
c. Google
d. Microsoft

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