UptimeCloud helps companies track and predict Amazon cloud costs

Uptime Software offers cloud cost monitoring, cloud cost predictions, and cloud capacity management with SaaS tool

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Built around the concept the company calls "economic cloud intelligence," the UptimeCloud service features a series of dashboards to help provide key information:

  • Real-time cloud cost monitoring. See what you're spending on cloud infrastructure and services in real time, view one or more multiple cloud accounts through a single dashboard, and identify departmental or LOB cloud usage for SLAs and billing.
  • Predict cloud costs and increase cloud savings. Easier cloud budgeting and cloud planning with accurate trends and forecasts for yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly cloud costs. Automated cloud cost saving recommendations help you reduce cloud costs and eliminate the risk associated with unexpected cloud bills.
  • Right-size cloud capacity. Meet dynamic and changing needs to avoid cloud performance and capacity problems; track real-time and historical cloud capacity usage; highlight forgotten, zombie, and underutilized cloud resources; and identify overloaded and bogged down cloud instances.

According to the company, the success of applications and services in the cloud and in virtual and physical environments has, until now, been only two dimensional: availability and performance. However, Uptime considers performance and availability to be commodities in cloud computing, whereas the cost of cloud computing is the key differentiator and will be the essential factor that influences what, when, and where IT organizations deploy.

UptimeCloud is still in beta and currently offers support for only Amazon's EC2; however, broader public cloud support is in the works for future releases, and the company expects to ship final code later this summer. Uptime also said it is looking to add support for other infrastructure providers so that it can offer hybrid cloud pricing.

As of this writing, pricing for UptimeCloud had yet to be announced. However, it promises that pricing will be competitive no matter if the customer is a small or medium-size shop with five cloud instances or a Fortune 1000 corporation with 2,000 instances running in the cloud.

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