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Aug. 5, 2011: IE 'stupidity' survey just a hoax, agency RAT infestations are no joke

It was a week filled with good and bad news. The good: IE users may not be as stupid as we'd thought. The bad: Some of the world's most powerful organizations have been infiltrated by foreign cyber spies -- so maybe they're more stupid than we thought. But the IE survey hoax and McAfee's report on cyber spying weren't the only things that went down this week. The identity of one of LulzSec's leaders may have finally been revealed, Adobe may finally be getting ready to ditch Flash, and yet another Zuckerberg is getting into the social media racket. Have you got the smarts to ace our tech quiz? Award yourself 10 points for each correct answer. And no, we won't deduct points for using IE. Now begin.

1. A survey claiming to prove that Internet Explorer is used mostly by the extremely dim has proven to be a hoax. Which budding Web entrepreneur was behind it?

a. Parvesh Cheena
b. Tarandeep Gill
c. Anisha Nagarajan
d. Rizwan Manji

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