Startup launches new SaaS cloud monitoring solution, RevealCloud

Redefines performance monitoring and real-time analytics with high-frequency data sampling for public and private clouds

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Thanks to that higher sampling rate, you can expect the following results.

  • Data amplification -- detects performance-degrading spikes (CPU and memory utilization, network I/O, storage capacity, CPU wait index, blocked processes); legacy monitoring solutions cannot because they are averaged out in longer sampling intervals
  • Alert acceleration -- reduces the time between an event occurring and an alert being sent to the IT/dev ops team
  • Resource optimization -- provides more accurate auditing and accounting of resource utilization related to cloud-vendor SLAs

"I think it is clear that commoditized computer, network, and storage hardware vendors along with the entire IT industry are experiencing the perfect storm for the cloud," said Scott Johnson, CopperEgg's co-founder and CEO. "Those who have seen it coming have already been planning their moves. IBM and HP have already announced and deployed their own public clouds; the telcos have begun acquiring cloud technology companies and cloud service providers; and legacy monitoring companies are trying to reinvent their business models to make a play for the cloud."

Deploying a service in the cloud is fundamentally different from deploying the same in your own data center:

  • You no longer own the physical infrastructure, nor do you have access to tools that manage that infrastructure
  • You don't typically know or care which vendor's equipment is deployed in the cloud service provider's data center
  • The infrastructure and its management are part of the service you are purchasing from the cloud service provider (CSP)

Johnson also told InfoWorld, "What we have heard from dev ops teams and IT organizations is that they need real-time, fine-grained visibility into performance and resource utilization metrics of their cloud instances to (1) accelerate time-to-deployment/time-to-market; (2) optimize the deployment with regard to OPEX, and (3) validate that CSP SLAs are being met. The business driver is centered squarely on maximizing service availability, while minimizing operating expense."

What's interesting to note here is that the company is making the standard edition of RevealCloud a free entry-level product. The free version offers quite a bit of insight and information into the environment that both small and large companies will find refreshing. Companies that need more advanced functionality can easily upgrade to those additional features via a monthly subscription rate that will be based on a tiered-pricing schedule not yet available. However, the company did say that discounts would also be provided with an annual commitment.

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