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July 29, 2011: G+ gets a minus, Apple puts old technology behind us

You know you're in the dog days of July when everyone around you is panting. What's hot in tech this week? Google+ was given a D- by many of its 10 million+ members after the nascent social network began purging user accounts. The latest (greatest?) Windows phones began shipping in Japan; more crew members from the Lulz Boat got keelhauled; and Apple made the Mac Mini even more mini. Can you keep a cool head and ace our quiz while all of those around you are losing theirs? Then your air conditioning is probably working better. Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer, and try to avoid strenuous outdoor activity in the middle of the day. Now begin.

1. The great Google+ purge began last weekend, with G+ booting untold numbers of accounts for "violating community standards." What did these scofflaws do wrong?

a. Posted porn videos
b. Engaged in cyber bullying
c. Used G+ to exchange copyrighted materials
d. Failed to use their real names

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