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July 15, 2011: Amazon rumors fly, ISPs spy

The scorching summer heat seems to have put everyone in a semi-catatonic state. While no single story dominated tech this week, there was still some notable news. Amazon appears to be expanding its horizons, Hollywood convinced ISPs to do its antipiracy bidding, and a popular European music service has finally washed up on our shores. Also: Google+ got a little more private, while Groupon got less, and teenage girls represent the future of science. Can you handle the heat from our quiz? Award yourself 10 points every time you get one right. Now move away from that air conditioner and get started.

1. Apple isn't the only company that knows how to crank up the online rumor mill; Amazon got the Webosphere in a tizzy this week. What is the e-tailing giant allegedly up to?

a. Buying Netflix
b. Being bought by Google
c. Coming out with its own Android tablet
d. Merging its music and movie store with iTunes

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