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June 24, 2011: Hack attacks don't lack, Apple iPhone rumors are back

It's been all hackers all the time this week with news of new cyber attacks as well as cyber arrests dominating the blogosphere. Never before have the anonymous (as well as the Anonymous) been so famous. But that's not all -- we still had plenty of Apple iPhone rumors to kick around. Nokia enjoyed some smartphone buzz after photos of its upcoming Windows handset were leaked onto the Web (accidentally, we think). And we learned that jackasses can't drive and pretty people can get hacked, too. Have you been keeping up with all things tech? Prove it by acing our quiz. Each correct answer is worth 10 points. And no trying to hack the quiz to get at the answers. We know who you are.

1. A week without Apple rumors is just seven days of Hell for Mac Fanboys. Which of the following is an actual verifiable fact?

a. Apple plans to release a faster iPhone 5 this fall
b. Apple is building a super-cheap iPhone for developing countries
c. Apple's next iPad will offer 33 percent higher resolution
d. Apple has patented swiping and tapping

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