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July 22, 2011: Murdoch hackers get hacked, Apple's Lion back on track

Phone hackers met cyber hackers this week, as the Anon/Lulz crew focused their attention on the scandal surrounding Rupert Murdoch and News of the World. At the same time, the FBI was focusing its attention on them, rounding up several alleged members of the notorious hacktivist pranksters. That's not all that went down. Apple released its latest desktop OS to mixed reviews, Google got more (or possibly less) skin in the short URL game, and there's a new social network startup from a rather unlikely source. Are you likely to nab a perfect score on this week's quiz? Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer. Now stop reading about that Murdoch scandal and get to work.

1. Apple finally uncaged its latest desktop OS, "Lion." Which of the following is not one of the things critics roared?

a. "Brings PCs into the tablet era"
b. "Tries too hard to be iOS"
c. "Has some blemishes on its slick skin"
d. "The best OS since Windows Vista"

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