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July 8, 2011: Facebook goes for shock and awe, Apple phones have serious flaw

Despite all the July 4 explosions, the world of tech was relatively quiet this week. The planet's biggest social network unveiled an "awesome" new feature -- awesome, at least, in the eyes of Facebook. Apple fanboys got a bit of a scare after German authorities revealed a serious security flaw affecting iOS 4. The Fox News Twitter feed joined the increasingly long list of things that have been hacked lately, while the White House enjoyed yet another digital first. Are you first in the hearts and minds of your fellow geeks? Prove it by acing our quiz. Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer, and no questioning our patriotism if the questions prove too tough. Now begin.

1. Facebook unveiled an "awesome" feature it hopes will keep it at least one step ahead of Google+ in the race to own your social media identity. What can you now do from inside Facebook?

a. Poke Mark Zuckerberg
b. See who just viewed your profile
c. Make Skype video calls
d. Export all your personal data

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