Cabling snafus, sloppy work, and stubborn IT bosses

In these Off the Record stories, bungled cabling is only the tip of the iceberg. The real work is cleaning up after IT managers who deny there's a problem

Many Off the Record stories illustrate the bizarre results of working with those who are inept in one way or another, be it unprofessional behavior or a stubborn belief in one's own (in)abilities. And the ways in which these acts are brought to light are often the makings for a comedy of errors. Take, for instance, cabling snafus. When done right, cabling remains virtually unnoticed. But when done wrong, it can reveal a host of problems, from vendors' sloppy work to internal problems with IT managers.

Here are stories from the Off the Record archives about bungled cabling jobs and the slipshod actions that either caused or intensified the problems. If you have your own crazy IT story to share, send it to and we'll run it here.

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