Where the iPad 2 lets you down: Top 12 complaints

The iPad 2 is the best tablet available, but it brings its own share of frustrations

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9. Lack of support for TinyMCE and similar AJAX tools. Websites, such as InfoWorld.com's Drupal site, use a wonderful open source JavaScript-based WYSIWYG editor that adds Office-like buttons to Web forms. But TinyMCE doesn't work in iOS, so I have to do everything in pure HTML. Try writing or editing that way -- it's a pain.

TinyMCE is used by lots of site to allow rich text entry and formatting, and I really wish iOS supported it. (Android 3.01 does, by the way.) iOS is similarly unable to handle other AJAX tools, such as those that let UI drag list elements to reorder them. Note to Apple: Safari shuld be the same on desktop and mobile.

10. Inability to add, delete, and move email folders. The iPad's Mail program does a great job with my Exchange and IMAP accounts, letting me see all my mail, as well as switch among accounts and drill down through folders as needed. But it doesn't let me add new folders or reorder the ones I have, as I can do on the desktop. iOS has a UI facility called table rows just for this purpose, so why not implement it in Mail for folders?

11. Lack of voice navigation. I mainly mean the lack of built-in navigation in the Maps app. Android does this really well with its included apps, whereas the iPad requires I buy a fairly pricey app such as the $60 Navigon MobileNavigator (which I did, when it was on sale for $35; at least it also installs on an iPhone). If I were raising iPhone complaints -- they share the same OS, after all -- I would also whine about the lack of voice control for the device itself, such as for use when driving. There are a few voice commands related to the phone and iTunes apps, but they're insufficient.

12. Calendar limitations with Google. I get frustrated when traveling sans MacBook with issues that the iOS/Google Calendar combo brings to the table, such as the inability to send invitations to events from the iPad's Calendar app (you can do so from the Mac's iCal version). The two also have problems with keeping appointments in the correct time zone, even when I enable the iPad to always render appointments in local time.

This set of issues didn't make my top 10 list because it's not clear who's responsible -- but it sure is annoying, whether the blame resides with Apple or Google. I suspect the problem is Google's, given how Calendar has no such hiccups with my Exchange calendar, just the Google CalDAV one. But as CalDAV is essentially Apple's technology, maybe it is Apple's fault.

I'm sure you have your own frustations. Share them in InfoWorld's comments section. Maybe Apple or whoever can do something will listen.

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