Learn to deal with the data explosion

Today's huge, ever-growing volume of data is the biggest problem in IT. Learn how to cope at InfoWorld's Enterprise Data Explosion event in San Francisco on June 8

You've heard the basic statistic: Enterprise data doubles ever 18 months. It's a gargantuan issue that occupies IT more than any other problem.

The causes of the data explosion are well known, starting with an international tangle of data retention regulations that has caused many businesses to save everything by default just to be safe. We're talking security event logs, humongous document stores, email archives, monster rich media files, system logs, and more -- all vying for a piece of magnetic turf on disk or tape. In response, storage professionals are applying new technologies such as data deduplication, turning to new cloud storage services, or simply adding new storage hardware, while also seeking a suitable architecture to help manage it all.

Data Explosion iGuide

The flip side is that there's huge, untapped value in all that data, which is one reason new mining and visualization tools to tease insights from unstructured data -- the fastest-growing segment -- are so hot.

Next week, on June 8 at the Nikko Hotel in San Francisco, InfoWorld will hold its first event to tackle the Enterprise Data Explosion. We've put together a terrific lineup, including:

  • Tom Soderstrom, CTO, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Brian Babineau, VP, Research & Analyst Services, Enterprise Strategy Group
  • Joe Cardenas, CIO, Pacific Compensation Group
  • Tracy Terrill, CIO, LegalZoom
  • Fernando Gonzales, CIO, Byer California

Last time I checked we still had a few slots open for the event, so I urge anyone with the inclination and the means to attend. Even if you've concocted your own strategy to deal with the explosive growth of data, I guarantee you'll enjoy additional insight from a lineup of speakers who've been immersed in solving the problem, some at massive scale. Follow the link to find the registration page for the Enterprise Data Explosion event.

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