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May 20, 2011: Apple polishes its store, LinkedIn's IPO soars

Given how topsy-turvy life on this planet has been lately, God picked a strangely slow week for the world to end. But just in time for Judgment Day, Apple celebrated the 10th anniversary of its first retail store, LinkedIn launched an IPO, and Sony continued to lose what little credibility it had left after nearly a month of outages. Are you truly plugged in? Demonstrate your tech knowledge by acing our quiz. Each correct answer is worth 10 points. Now go out there and make us proud, before you're damned for all eternity.

1. Apple marked the 10th anniversary of its retail stores this week. How did it celebrate?

a. Draping store windows with black curtains
b. Asking employees to work all weekend
c. Confiscating employee cellphones
d. All of the above

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