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May 27, 2011: Mac owners hurt by Apple delay, Google offers new ways to pay

Apple found itself in the middle of a security mess this week, after weeks of ignoring complaints about malware that infected thousands of Macs. Speaking of a security mess, Sony continued to grapple with hackers, only to get thrown repeatedly to the mat. What else happened? Google and a Twitter founder both offered replacements for wallets and cash registers, Ashton Kutcher launched his own Twitter client (yes, really), and the InterWebs went a little Gaga. Were you born with the skills to ace our quiz? Reward yourself with 10 points for each correct answer. Now begin.

1. Apple finally addressed a rogue scareware attack targeting Mac users. What is the name of the offending faux security program?

a. MacDefender
b. MacSecurity
c. MacProtector
d. All of the above

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