How to migrate file shares to SharePoint 2010

Thousands of files and folders can’t just be cut and pasted into SharePoint; you need a plan and a tool to make it happen

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You can then decide how you want to proceed. However, file shares are not the only items you may want to migrate to SharePoint. Perhaps you are trying to migrate public folders to SharePoint. Blogger has Joel Oleson put together an updated list of tools for the task.

Microsoft's Riley also mentioned an interesting new tool in SharePoint 2010 called the Content Organizer, which allows you to route documents to different libraries and even to different folders in those libraries. It must be enabled in Site Features; once it's activated, you'll see the Content Organizer Settings and Content Organizer Rules menus added to site administration settings. The Microsoft SharePoint team was kind enough to put together a three-part article on how to use the Content Organizer: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Keep in mind the Content Organizer will not aid you with your file migrations per se, but it will help you stay organized once you have all those files and folders in SharePoint.

One final point of advice in terms of file-share migrations to SharePoint: Like any type of data dumping ground, the data comes in and is forgotten, growing and growing over the years. The migration to SharePoint is an opportunity to clean up a bit before you move over. Don't take the junk with you; bring only your best stuff. Migrations, like life, are best traveled with as little baggage as possible.

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