Blogosphere launches virtual 'Occupy VMware' campaign

Developers and testers are demanding a Microsoft MSDN- or TechNet-style software subscription for VMware's growing library

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This isn't the first time that evangelists, bloggers, and vocal community members have come out in numbers to express their opinions to VMware. The most recent explosion took place after VMware announced a new pricing model and price increase with the launch of VMware vSphere 5. At that time, community members spoke out in disagreement and VMware executives listened by making a change to their vRAM pricing structure.

Once again it looks like VMware executives are paying attention to vocal community members. Blogger and VMware employee Duncan Epping announced on his blog that VMware is investigating the option to reinstate the VMTN Subscription program. However, he writes:

Keep in mind that starting a program like this does take time and the program will need a serious overhaul. As such I cannot make any promises on when this will happen. I do want to stress that all feedback is highly appreciated, we are listening!

The fight isn't over. The campaign may have reached the ears of VMware executives, but the battle won't be won in a day, a week, or perhaps even a month. If you believe there is personal value in the VMTN Subscription, you should visit the community thread and express your interest. And if you want to seriously affect change and bring this program back, I suggest you reply with a reason for why you want a subscription program to return -- let them know how it will affect you or your organization in a positive way, or more importantly, how it can affect VMware in a positive way.

At the end of the day, VMware will understand the value in a VMTN Subscription for the user community, but the program has to provide the company with something positive as well (or more to the point, it should not and cannot negatively affect the company's bottom line).

In a world where the hypervisor is being seen as a commodity technology play and at a time when folks are sneaking off the reservation to try out "freebie" platforms such as Hyper-V, Xen, or KVM, VMware might well listen to its community of users and throw them a serious bone to maintain loyalty and capture new loyalty from developers who simply cannot afford a vSphere development or testing environment without such a program.

Hey, VMware, a VMTN Subscription program might be a good way to further boost your virtualization development ecosystem! It might be the shot in the arm that you need to expand your cloud and Java development ecosystems as well.

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