VKernel moves into the cloud with vOperations Suite 4

Virtualization suite provides clarity for cloud operations and becomes more heterogeneous with new support for Hyper-V and upcoming support for RHEV

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With additional hypervisor support, VKernel is well positioned to move beyond the virtual data center and into the cloud. To further that move, vOPS 4 adds a new virtualization Cost Index (vCI) that identifies the cost-effectiveness of each VM and stack ranks it against other VMs in the environment. The vCI evaluates the underlying hardware, the resources consumed by the VM, and the VM/host density. Unlike simple chargeback methods that only report on costs incurred by an individual VM, the vCI delivers a relative stack ranking of virtual machines costs corrected for VM density to easily identify which VMs are costing IT the most to operate. This is a valuable feature and should help organizations with their transition to a private cloud.

VKernel vOperations Suite 4 addresses three main challenges and adds the following new functionality:

1. Enhanced visualization

  • Environment-wide visibility for performance, capacity, and costs
  • Smart Business Views to help auto-organize VMs
  • Configurable dashboards so each user can tailor their own specific environment view

2. Hypervisor agnosticism

  • Multihypervisor integration -- Hyper-V and vSphere VMs can be grouped together for reporting and operations
  • Full Microsoft Hyper-V Support -- vOPS can be installed as a VMDK for vSphere or a VHD for Hyper-V
  • RHEV support expected in Q4 2011

3. Cost optimization

  • VM costs are based on three drivers: hardware costs, resource usage, and VM density
  • A cost index identifies expensive VMs

VKernel is showing off vOPS 4 at VMworld in Las Vegas at booth No. 1027. If you can't make it to the show to see it in action, there is also a free 30-day trial download. Pricing starts at $299 per socket per application.

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