Apple, please create an Apple TV for the conference room

The forthcoming ability in iOS 5 to stream screen displays from the iPad is great for conference presentations -- or could be

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The Apple TV Conference Edition would retain the HDMI port of the regular Apple TV, so it would support both new display equipment that uses HDMI as well as the ubiquitous VGA port in pretty much all projectors and existing conference displays.

The built-in Wi-Fi access point would create a Wi-Fi network in the conference room -- at least in the presenter's area -- so you could guarantee a connection between the iPad and Apple TV. Many conference halls don't have Wi-Fi networks in place or ones you can count on. And in corporate conference rooms, having a separate Wi-Fi local network would allow anyone to present without giving them access to the corporate network. It would be used just for the presentation equipment.

If Apple were to make the Apple TV Conference Edition, I beleve it would sell like hotcakes to both businesses and conference facilities. Individual presenters like me would likely buy them as well, because the Apple TV is so small, light, and easy to carry. The regular Apple TV costs $99, so the Apple TV Conference Edition should cost no more than $149. Such a price too would help it quickly become standard equipment in meeting rooms and conference halls throughout the world.

Apple, please get cracking! iOS 5 is just a few weeks away by all accounts. It'd be great if you could announce it when you reveal the iPhone 4S, release iOS 5, and update the iPod Touch and perhaps other iPods this fall as we all expect. Whenever you announce it, please try to have the Apple TV Conference Edition for sale in early 2012, so it's available for the 2012 conference season that gets into high gear this spring. We'd all be so grateful, and you could show once again that you play both sides of the business/consumer divide.

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