Double whammy: Broken tech and bad behavior

True colors are revealed in these stories of tech pros dealing with condescension, disrespect, and military-grade dressing-downs

Human nature being a fickle beast, tech users can at times show a decided lack of courtesy toward others. With meetings moments away and deadlines fast approaching, the last thing a user wants is a technological glitch. Manners and etiquette can go out the window, and the person who happens to be nearest bears the brunt of the bad behavior -- often the tech pro.

Off the Record writers have told these stories of troubleshooting not just the technology, but a person who shows a decided lack of respect toward the IT personnel. In the following tales, the tech pro's patience is stretched to its utmost, and in some instances the user faces the consequences of unprofessional behavior. But in spite of such unpleasantness, the writers even have some helpful takeaways from the encounters.

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