Toshiba doubles capacity, adds encryption to enterprise hard drive

The new 2.5-inch enterprise-class drive holds up to 300GB of data

Toshiba America Electronic Components today announced its highest-capacity 2.5-inch enterprise-class drive, which will offer up to 300GB of storage.

The Toshiba MK01GRRB/R series is a 15,000rpm drive with a 6Gbps SAS interface. In addition, the Toshiba MK01GRRR models offer drive-based encryption for data security. The drive comes in two versions, one with 300GB of capacity, the other with 147GB.

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The Toshiba MK01GRRR features self-encryption technology designed to the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) "Enterprise SSC" specification. The self-encrypting technology has no performance impact on the drive, according to Joel Hagberg, vice president of marketing at Toshiba's Storage Products Business Unit.

The encryption technology allows users to crypto-graphically erase protected data, enabling the ability to return, service, repurpose, or retire drives without lengthy data overwrite operations or physical destruction of the drive, Toshiba said.

"Enterprise drives with the latest self-encryption features are helping data centers to more cost-effectively achieve compliance with information security mandates," Hagberg said.

The drive has an average seek time of 2.7 milliseconds for reads and 3 milliseconds for writes. The 300GB model uses 4.5 watts; the 147GB drive uses 4.3 watts of power.

The Toshiba MK01GRRB/R series is scheduled to begin volume shipments in the first quarter of 2012.

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