Hitachi announces 1TB-per-platter drives

New technology included in drives with capacities of 250GB to 1TB

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Tuesday announced that it's started shipping hard disk drives that cram a terabyte of capacity onto a single spinning platter.

The new technology allows Hitachi to produce slimmer form factors. The new single-platter technology is now shipping in the Hitachi Deskstar, Travelstar and CinemaStar lines in storage devices with capacities ranging from 250GB to 1TB.

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Using the higher-capacity platters, Hitachi said it has produced new 3.5-inch wide, 0.27-inch (7mm) thick "z-height" drives targeted at everything from desk tops and TV set top boxes to ultra thin and light notebooks.

Hitachi GST's new 'z-height' 1TB hard drive
For the ultrathin and ultralight notebook market, Hitachi's Travelstar Z5K500 drives offer up to 636Gbits per sqare inch on a platter that spins at 5200rpm.

Hitachi's new Deskstar 7K1000.D 7200rpm and 5K1000.B 5200rpm drives, which use a 6Gbps SATA interface and a 32MB cache buffer, are designed for commercial desktops, external storage arrays, and PC gaming systems.

The new Deskstar line uses CoolSpin technology to save up to 15 percent power over standard drives by idling down the spindle. CoolSpin technology is an optimization of motor speed to provide a balance of performance, power utilization, and acoustics.

Hitachi GST's CinemaStar 7K1000.D and 5K1000.B hard drives are aimed at the market for storage-based TVs and DVRs that record, play, surf, and stream content from and to devices.

Single-disk capacities ranging from 250GB to 500GB make up about 90 percent of disk drive demand for consumer electronics devices. Hitachi's new CinemaStar drive family now doubles that capacity for video content.

"The areal density race continues and while having the highest capacity is appealing, reaching 1TB per platter is equally important as it serves a full range of applications and opportunities across the industry's largest market volume," said Brendan Collins, vice president of product marketing at Hitachi GST, in a statement.

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