CopperEgg updates real-time monitoring for server processes

RevealCloud 3 adds system process monitoring and support for large server deployments across public and private clouds

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Process monitoring with RevealCloud 3 is an essential component to help make sure that your servers are healthy. Here are three ways in which the company claims process monitoring can help:

  1. If a system is running hot with regard to CPU or memory, you can easily identify which process is causing the problem and determine if that process needs to be stopped or restarted.
  2. You can determine more easily if an issue is caused by two or more processes or jobs colliding with one another while running at the same time. This might cause a higher than expected load on the system, thereby extending the combined runtime of the jobs as opposed to if the jobs ran independently at different times. As an example, think about what might happen if you run an antivirus scan while kicking off a backup.
  3. If your environment is fully capable of taking advantage of multiple CPUs, RevealCloud provides added visibility to determine if a process or job is written to take advantage of multiple CPUs. If this was not visible, a misconfiguration might cause a job to take longer to execute than expected. On the other hand, it could verify that a job uses only one CPU when in fact it could be using many.

When asked about the new process monitoring feature, Ben Weatherman, co-founder of Ordoro stated, "We are very pleased with the addition of real-time process monitoring in RevealCloud." He added, "Previously, RevealCloud could tell us that memory consumption was running high. Now with process monitoring we have instant insight into what process is consuming memory, which even some of our nontechnical folks have used to troubleshoot a customer issue."

CopperEgg is offering a full-feature version of its RevealCloud system monitoring software for free when used with up to two systems under management. Beyond that, the company is offering a pay-per-use pricing scheme where you are charged for only the time your systems are monitored. How's that for interesting?

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