Cloud cost calculators: Helpful or more cloud hype?

As the cloud computing market gets more crowded, pricing comparisons become more chaotic

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SolarWinds VM to Cloud Calculator

What's interesting about this free downloadable tool from SolarWinds is that instead of just plugging in some arbitrary numbers into a calculator, it attempts to take away the manual guesswork involved with trying to calculate the cost of actually moving your existing private cloud environment to a public cloud. The VM to Cloud Calculator will automatically inventory your virtual machines and capture that information in a generated report. It does this by connecting to a live VMware vSphere instance and detecting all virtual machines deployed in that environment, mapping an approximate cost for running those VMs in three different public cloud providers: Amazon EC2, Microsoft Windows Azure, and Rackspace.

Advanced settings are also made available to allow users to display costs hourly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly depending on how the organization handles its IT budgeting. You can also change the hosting location of your virtual machines; for example, you may choose to use Amazon's East Coast servers rather than its West Coast servers, or perhaps you need servers in Europe or somewhere in the APAC region. As your virtualized environment changes, the VM-to-Cloud Calculator can refine the estimates to better reflect your current VM inventory.

One detail holding back this tool is the limited amount of cloud providers it currently supports out of the box.

SolarWinds VM to Cloud Calculator
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