Have any of your corporate accounts been compromised?

PwnedList has new service based on its massive list of 'pwned' email addresses and usernames that lets you check the security of your users' data

Last November, I wrote about PwnedList, the website that makes it easy to check your email address and user ID to see if they've been compromised. If you haven't checked your email address lately, head over to PwnedList and run its free check. With more than 12 million compromised addresses and log-on IDs collected since July 2011, it's the ultimate checkpoint to see if you've been pwned.

Now PwnedList is breaking into the corporate market. Drawing on publicly posted lists of cracked email addresses and user IDs, the folks at PwedList have put together a service that can tell you whether any of your users have pwned email addresses. PwnedList will send you an automatically generated report, not only advising you of the problem but also telling you where the credentials were leaked.

Here's how this new Domain Monitoring and Alerting Service works:

  • You provide a domain to PwnedList. They verify it, of course.
  • They send you a list of all historically harvested credentials from that domain -- checking against their database of compromised addresses and log-on IDs.
  • Then they monitor your domain in real time as new cracked emails addresses are added to their list. If they find any compromised ID from your domain, they send you a same-day alert and include the source of the leak.
  • They also send reports on major data leaks, with positive or negative confirmation as to whether email addresses from your domain were included.

For a large company, plan on spending five figures per year; small businesses and universities typically pay four figures. It all depends on the number of domains and the number of credentials for each domain.

PwnedList also has a new service for individuals that checks a single email address against all compromised accounts added to their database and provides same-day notification. Priced at $1 per month, it's a bargain.

Head over to the PwnedList signup page to get started.

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