New iPad may push AT&T to drop restrictions

Tethering feature in new 4G iPad undoes one more customer-unfriendly carrier policy, in a slow but steady pattern

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Apple has generally let the carriers engage in their unfriendly policies, such as forcing customers to use an AT&T or Verizon partner when traveling overseas, rather than going with a local carrier as chosen by the user. But when it came to the iPad, Apple demanded several changes from carriers:

  • Not require a commitment for data usage (iPad data plans are month-at-a-time).
  • In the case of AT&T's GSM-based iPad and iPad 2, allow the use of a foreign SIM when abroad (most foreign countries use the FGSM technology, whch the Verizon CDMA-based iPad 2 doesn't support, so the notion of a SIM didn't apply).

Now with the third-gen 4G iPad, Apple has added one more unwelcome requirement on the carriers: tethering. It's a standard feature on the iPad, as it is on the iPhone 4. But unlike with the iPhone 4 (or Android device), you don't have to pay for the right to tether; you just can, at least on Verizon. Of course, if you use more data and exhaust your plan, you'll need to buy more or search for Wi-Fi, but there's no tethering surcharge.

AT&T's new 4G iPads won't tether -- at first. But after a minor uproar ensued once would-be buyers figured this out, the company now says it is "working" to enable the tethering on the 4G iPads it sells and that hit the shelves today.

I know it doesn't seem like a lot, but it is progress. And it happened only because Apple is running the show.

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