Microsoft takes a leap of faith with Windows 8

In time for leap day, Windows 8 Consumer Preview garners early positive reviews, but we're a long way before it lands

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ABC News' Joanna Stern is less head over heels, thanks in part to a few bugs in the prerelease edition. She gives it a thumbs-up nonetheless:

Overall, I'm extremely impressed with the next version of Windows... Windows 8 isn't only a brave leap for Microsoft and from the desktop we are all so familiar with, but an exciting one.

Remember, Vista also got mostly positive notices when it appeared. Technologizer's Harry McCracken did a nice 20/20 hindsight roundup of the top Vista reviews. At the time, tech journos were saying Vista is "the best version of Windows that Microsoft has produced," "both evolutionary and revolutionary," and (yes) "a great leap forward."

We all know what happened afterward. It's not how far you leap that matters, it's what happens when you land. Will Win8 go splat? Too soon to tell. But it ought to be interesting to watch, provided you're at a safe distance.

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