CIO ensures Western Union is wired for the future

In the latest IDG Enterprise CIO Interview, John Dick talks about how his team is helping Western Union capture the opportunities of mobility and social networking

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At 160 years old, the Western Union brand is firmly embedded in the collective psyche. Need to get cash to someone far away in a hurry? To paraphrase the 'Ghostbusters' theme, you know who to call. But the 2012 version of Western Union is about far more than simply money transfer. Over the past decade, the company has expanded into a dizzying array of new products and services that capitalize not only on Western Union's vast global reach - more than half a billion physical locations - but also its powerful brand, its expertise in diverse local markets and an intricate web of business partners.

IT has been at the heart of this sweeping business transformation and CIO John Dick and his team are not only enabling change but anticipating it and helping draw the roadmap for the next set of 21st century products. In the latest installment of the IDG Enterprise CIO Interview Series, Dick talked with IDG Enterprise Chief Content Officer John Gallant about his role as a change agent and how IT is helping Western Union capture the opportunities that mobility and social networking offer - particularly in the developing world. Dick also discusses how he has re-architected his organization to keep IT at the center of Western Union's evolution and talks about the evolving role of the CIO in business transformation.

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