The tech jobs still begging to be filled

Java, mobile, and .Net developer jobs lead the pack, but even less sexy positions remain hard to fill

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In some cases, such as mobile development, the demand is growing faster than people can learn the skills to become qualified candidates, says Dice's Hill.

Another factor is that hiring managers largely want experienced journeymen, not apprentices. Corporate hiring managers most frequently say they want IT pros with two to five years in the workforce. The next-most-frequent experience demand is for those with six to 10 years' experience. "Competition is fierce when companies are all chasing the same talent, making positions hard to fill," Hill notes.

Why the talent shortage probably won't get you a huge raise
As I've looked at the recovery in tech hiring over the last 18 months or so, I've heard again and again that while IT jobs generally pay well, we're not seeing the explosive growth in salaries that characterized the dot-com years. Hill agrees: "Even with an unemployment rate for technology professionals hovering around 3.5 percent [compared to the national rate of about 8.2 percent], bold hiring decisions are not on the agenda. Companies are largely sticking to their terms."

At least they're hiring for top jobs with good salaries -- if you have both the skills and the experience.

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