Farewell, old server, we knew ye well

Stalwart, uncomplaining, and brawny for its time, an old server spins its last after many years of faithful service

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It was a bittersweet day in the data center. Nearby, a rack full of new Sandy Bridge-based 1U servers spun busily, each boasting 128GB of RAM and 10G interfaces, handling the myriad tasks assigned to them by a fresh VMware vSphere implementation. These replacements were vastly superior in every way to the dinosaur from another era. The commands were given and the old box's last meaningful task was to transition its VMs to the new farm. Then, it sat idle, with nothing to do for the first time in its existence.

Rather than roughly and abruptly drop power to the old box, it was gracefully shut down and left in the rack for now. As the drives spun down and the status LEDs flickered for the last time, it was noted that the power consumption on the PDU in the rear of the rack dropped by 10 amps. Yes, the DL585 G1 was a hungry beast.

Its ILO is still connected to the network, in case it needed to be powered up for a spot check -- a highly unlikely scenario. You can still log into that ILO, in fact, and see that the server is poised for action, ready for anything; it just needs a purpose again. Sadly, that's never going to happen. Its only purpose now is to hold down the bottom of the rack and wait until that space is needed for something else, something newer. Then, it'll find itself on the scrap heap, destined for recycling, broken up into thousands of pieces.

One can only hope that whatever was responsible for the longevity and reliability of this particular server is passed along as it becomes part of other computers somewhere down the road. If it were possible to breed computers for certain traits, this one would be a very sought-after stud -- a capable performer and a proven winner.

Farewell, njesx1, may you rest in peace.

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