Good news for IT: Bonuses are back, pay rates are up

Midyear survey reveals that IT salaries and hiring are slowly rising as companies gradually bring more operations in-house

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IT positions that are highest in demand at large companies -- and that have seen the largest compensation increases in the past year -- include:

  • CIOs, whose mean compensation package has increased by 1.75 percent from $176,659 to $179,742
  • Computer operations managers, for whom the mean compensation has risen by 3.19 percent from $94,309 to $97,318
  • Quality control managers, whose mean compensation has increased by 5.76 percent since last year from $75,817 to $80,186
  • Production control analysts, whose mean compensation is now $62,613, up 7.29 percent from $58,358
  • Digital-record librarians, whose total mean compensation has reason by 2.95 percent from $46,010 to $47,096
  • Voice/wireless communications coordinators, who are earning a mean total of $73,268, up 4 percent from $70,452

Here are some of the hot jobs with increasing salaries at midsize companies:

  • Directors of IT planning have seen their total mean compensation jump by 2.22 percent, from $98,529 to $100,714, in the past 12 months
  • Information center managers are earning 6.61 percent more, from $63,986 in 2011 to $68,218 today
  • Application development managers were earning a mean of $69,689 last year and now take in $72,437, an increase of 3.94 percent
  • Quality control managers' mean compensation has increased by 8.92 percent, from $56,205 to $61,219
  • Data entry supervisors have a mean compensation package of $46,149, up 4.38 percent from $44,213
  • Hardware installation supervisors have seen their annual take rise by 3.74 percent, from $53,781 to $55,794
  • Total compensation for librarians at midsize companies is up 7.15 percent, from $45,694 to $48,961

On the other side of the compensation coin, wages and benefits to some IT positions have dropped year over year. Among the losses at large companies:

  • Total mean compensation for VPs of consulting services is down 4.99 percent, from $131,095 to $124,553
  • Training and documentation managers have seen an 8.05 percent drop in total mean compensation, from $78,066 to $71,782
  • Webmaster pay has dropped by 6.92 percent, from $ $63,752 to $59,339

At midsize companies, the overall decreases in total compensation have been less significant:

  • E-commerce specialists saw their total mean compensation drop by 2.33 percent year over year, from $61,553 to $60,120
  • Production support managers are earning 1.23 percent less in total mean compensation, from $84,590 last year to $83,547 today
  • VPs of technical services have seen their overall compensation decrease by 1.14 percent, down from $137.388 last year to $135,815 in 2012

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