10 top colleges for tech CEOs

Surprise: The No. 1 pick isn't Harvard, Stanford, or MIT

Which U.S. college produced the most high-tech CEOs? Surprisingly, it isn't one of the nation's premier technical universities: California Institute of Technology or Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Nor is it a top-three Ivy -- Harvard University, Yale University or Princeton University -- known collectively as "HYP." Indeed, none of the top CEOs in the U.S. tech industry graduated from Yale -- or other elite schools such as Brown University, the University of Chicago or Johns Hopkins University.

We analyzed the educational backgrounds of the 50 highest-paid and most powerful CEOs in the U.S. tech industry. Here's what we discovered.

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No. 4: Six colleges tie for fourth place

The 50 top U.S. tech industry CEOs received a collective 81 degrees, including undergraduate, master's and doctorate diplomas. Six universities share the honor of representing two degrees each on our list. They are:

No. 3: Harvard ties for third place

Despite its position at the top of most college rankings, Harvard University represents only three of the 81 degrees held by U.S. high-tech CEOs. Too bad Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard after his sophomore year to start Facebook!

Techies who held on to graduate from this Cambridge, Mass., institution include Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics and economics. Our CEO list also includes two Harvard MBAs: Jim Whitehurst, CEO and president of Red Hat, and Meg Whitman, CEO and president of Hewlett-Packard.

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