VMware opens up to multihypervisor support with acquisition of DynamicOps

After insisting for years it wouldn't provide heterogeneous support, VMware will now let its users consume multicloud resources such as Hyper-V, Xen, and Amazon EC2

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While this probably wasn't easy, VMware is now admitting that some of its customers are using hypervisors and cloud infrastructures other than vSphere within their private and public cloud environments. In addition to the above statement, Ramin Sayar, VP and general manager of VMware's cloud infrastructure and management group, wrote in an official VMware blog:

A number of customers have told me that, while they have and will continue to standardize on vSphere for their production datacenters, they have a few pockets of other hypervisors for various reasons, and they are looking for a multi-hypervisor management solution.

Sayar went on to say, "DynamicOps's unique model-driven architecture enables our vSphere and infrastructure admins to easily model IT infrastructure services so that the same policy, governance, self-service management capabilities we provide for vSphere can be extended to other hypervisors, physical hardware and other cloud resources."

Dell's agreement with DynamicOps

With their latest acquisitions, VMware and Dell could be on a collision course when it comes to virtualization management solutions. Marketing departments across the ecosystem talk about being the "single pane of glass," but with competing products, Dell and VMware cannot both claim that title. How will this affect their relationship?

With VMware's acquisition of DynamicOps -- one of Dell's key software partners -- what happens to their OEM agreement? Remember, DynamicOps' early success was in part due to its partnership and OEM agreement with Dell. Dell has been licensing key technologies from DynamicOps for its vStart cloud environment and its Virtual Integrated System (VIS), Dell's multihypervisor approach to managing clusters of Dell hardware.

With VMware and Dell moving from a synergistic partnership to becoming more directly competitive, what will happen to that licensing agreement down the road?

At the end of the day
While it was a surprising move, DynamicOps sounds like an excellent acquisition for VMware. It takes off the table what could be a key competitive technology in the hands of another big player. It brings a very synergistic technology that can add multihypervisor support to VMware's vCenter Operations, which brings configuration, performance management, and capacity management to heterogeneous virtual machine operations. And it adds support for cloud environments to span multiple virtualization platforms as well as physical infrastructures -- a new feature for VMware.

If VMware can move beyond its hopes of vSphere domination and broaden its management stack to include Hyper-V and other virtualization platforms and physical environments, then the company will continue to hold a top leadership position, even with new competition from the likes of Dell and its Quest portfolio.

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