Happy IPv6 Day! Keep calm and carry on

June 6 is the official launch of a bigger-faster-better Internet protocol. Wake up Cringely if you notice anything different

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Private enterprises have been even slower to move to the new protocol. Though up-to-date figures are hard to come by, Gartner measured IPv6 enterprise penetration at less than 1 percent just a few years ago.

That's not terribly surprising. InfoWorld's Ted Samson warns that rushing into IPv6 too soon can leave your network exposed to all kinds of nasties:

... cyber criminals have devised ways to exploit an organization's lack of IPv6 preparedness. Hackers have devised a way to use secret tunnels to send IPv6 traffic over IPv4, slipping viruses and spyware through the network defenses... Some bad guys also have exploited IPv6 to steal data, as well as to launch botnet C&C (command and control) infrastructure and DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks.

IFW's Matt Prigge serves up a handy checklist of what organizations will need to do in order to make the switch. You'll have to register to be an InfoWorld Insider in order to get at the goods. Also, I recommend bringing plenty of flashlights, coolers, and sleeping bags, just in case.

Are you ready for IPv6? And what the heck ever happened to IPv5? Post your answers below or ping me thusly: cringe@infoworld.com.

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