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The major TV networks have hatched a plan to apply content ratings to their websites. Cringely has a ratings plan of his own

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HP (Hopelessly Pathetic): The leading candidates for an HP rating are, in no particular order, AOL, Yahoo, and MySpace. Enough said.

LU (Largely Unoriginal): Apply this rating to websites that wait for other reporters to do the heavy lifting on an article, then leap in with their own lightly summarized versions of the same story and snatch away all that traffic. Though many many news sites could be considered for this rating, the clear standard bearer here is The Huffington Post. Alternatively, these sites could also be designated GW (Google Whores).

NN (Needlessly Narcissistic): This rating would encompass all social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ -- pretty much any place where its users spend more time talking about what they are doing than actually doing it.

PT (Pointless Timewaster): Approximately 82 percent of the Web could fall into this bucket, including all viral video sites, Pinterest, and anything associated with Zynga.

SC (Scam Central): This would apply to sites where the primary purpose is to separate suckers from their money, either by pretending to be something they aren't or by offering to sell something that doesn't exist. Leading candidates for an SC rating: Craigslist, eBay.

SS (Stupidly Sarcastic): There are many blogs that could fall into this category, including the one you are reading right now. But at least you'd have fair warning.

What website ratings would you want to see? Post your acronyms below or ping me:

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