Windows Phone and Exchange ActiveSync: What you need to know

The iPhone and Android provide more EAS security than Windows Phone 7 does, but you may still be able to support Microsoft's smartphones

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  • Exchange Server 2010 (including both service packs) and EAS 14/14.1 add even more EAS features and policies, such as conversation segments, Global Address LIst (GAL) photos and information rights management (IRM) support, that only Windows Phone 7.5 supports. The competition has ignored these new EAS features.

When you can support Windows Phone in your business
In some cases, you can use Windows Phone in your business. If you aren't concerned about on-device encryption, camera disabling, or other disabling features, then you can use Windows Phone and get a great Exchange experience and, if you use it, IRM support. Of course, there are few companies that would use IRM without requiring on-device encryption.

Where do you stand? Would Windows Phone work in your environment or does the lack of some of these enterprise-level features have you holding off for Windows Phone 8? Post them here (Add a comment) so that all our readers can share them.

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