Latest Dell Boomi release automates cloud integration testing

Through Boomi Assure, Dell automatically tests users' cloud integration processes for compatibility with each Boomi update

Dell today unveiled the Summer 12 Release of Boomi, the company's cloud integration service. Along with security and ETL enhancements, Dell is now offering a testing service called Boomi Assure that automatically tests a customer's integration processes each time Boomi is updated to ensure they still function properly.

Boomi enables users to design cloud-based integration processes, drawing on various data and services, using a library of connectors and maps. Companies can then deploy those processes -- called Atoms -- as an SaaS or a PaaS, either as part of a broader cloud integration or as a firewall-protected on-premise application.

According to Dell Boomi general manager Rick Nucci, Dell is scheduled to roll out major updates to Boomi four times per year, and that frequent update cycle was the impetus for the Boomi Assure feature. Rather than foisting a new version on customers and making them reactively perform necessary compatibility tests, Dell is inviting customers to submit their integrations to be tested automatically. Those integrations are then retested each time a new version of Boomi emerges.

"If you think about the on-premise days, the end customer is taking on the burden of installing whatever software they might be managing and doing the upgrades and testing themselves," Nucci said. "In the cloud world, the vendor, the cloud provider, does the upgrade, not the end customer."

As such, he said, it makes sense for the provider -- in this case, Dell -- to perform the testing to ensure that customer's existing integration configurations still work.

Beyond the Boomi Assure feature, Summer 12 Release includes a number of ETL (extract, transform, and load) enhancements. Among them is a document cache feature that lets users join multiple data source in a single integration process and keep it in-memory for faster access. Dell also has added a bulk copy feature for efficiently loading large volumes of data into a database. Further, Dell added support for Hadoop, giving companies a way to run big data analytics on their Boomi integrations.

In an effort to boost Boomi's security pedigree, Dell introduced new types of roles to limit which users can have full access to sensitive data. What's more, Dell has added SAML-based single sign-on and centralized password-policy management.

Finally, Boomi Summer 12 Release includes features aimed at SOA workers. Among them, users can now reserve in advance cloud resources for real-time data transfer. The benefit, according to Dell, is that it helps service providers deliver more predictable performance levels.

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