The Windows 8 publicity plan: Intentional accidents

Microsoft's 'accidental' post about Windows 8 Release Preview has bloggers buzzing -- and may hide a bigger problem for the OS

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Other reviews were all over the map. Gizmodo's Matt Honan loved Win8 so much he wanted to marry it. (I think Matt needs to get out more.) Computerworld's Preston Gralla was more ambivalent -- the glass was both half-full and half-empty. Troy Wolverton at Phys.Org called it "a big misstep."

To say that Windows 8 is crucial to Microsoft's future -- especially if it wants to be a player in the consumer space that is now driving the bus in many organizations -- is like saying Steve Ballmer is a tad excitable. Today's release, if it does in fact happen today, is enormously important.

Trying to get people to talk about Windows 8, especially in a Webosphere that is Apple obsessed and saturated with Android news, is a necessary first step. That's why I'm more than a little suspicious about that "oops" post. But delivering an OS that can be both a floor wax and a dessert topping -- that is, works equally well on both tablets and desktops -- is the necessary second step. Is Microsoft up to that task? We may soon find out, accidentally or otherwise.

Can Win8 pull it off, or are we looking at the second coming of Vista? Weigh in below or email me:

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