10 gadgets and gifts for your favorite geek dad (or grandpa)

A Father's Day shopping guide for Star Wars fans, car guys, and gamers

Father's Day is quickly approaching, which means your favorite Dad (or grand-dad) will likely want some extra attention. If said Dad is a Geek Dad, he might want something that's more impressive than a day off or a chance to go golfing. Here's our list of suggestions of gadgety goodness for geeky and techie dads.

1. Star Wars Jedi fleece hooded bath robe ($75)

Like ties, I'm not sure how many bathrobes dads really wear anymore, but if you give him one that makes him look like a Jedi Master, I'm sure he'll start wearing one a lot more often.

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2. KRUPS FDE3 panini maker ($80)

Maybe it's because the word "Panini" makes me think of Jawas from Star Wars (they shout "Utini!"). Or maybe it's because this handy device will also let you grill up burgers, chicken, fish, and steaks as well as the Italian-style sandwich it's named for. The top and bottom grilling plates make cooking twice as fast, and a floating hinge system adjusts the grill to a food's thickness for even grilling on both sides.

3. "Darth Vader and Son" ($15)

This book of cartoons provides an amusing look at "what if Darth Vader took an active role in raising his son?" Perfect for Dads who want to connect with their kids as well as enjoy Star Wars.

4. iBottleOpener iPhone case and bottle opener ($20)

There might not be an app that can open your beer bottle, but there's now an iPhone case that can.

5. TARDIS 4-port USB hub ($30)

It's probably not bigger on the inside, but this USB hub will let you connect four more devices to your PC or Mac notebook quite easily. Looks cool on any desk, because as we know, "TARDIS USB hubs are cool."

6. Captain America baseball jersey ($50)

Show off your geekery on your company softball team with this 1940s-frozen-but-now-alive-approved jersey.

7. Closed-hood car jump-starter ($30)

As geeks, we generally don't like to get our hands dirty, which usually happens when we have to jumpstart a dead battery. Now you can do this by connecting this device to both cars' cigarette adapters without opening the car hood. Very cool and geeky.

8. "How to Traumatize Your Children" ($11)

The anti-Father's Day gift book -- hilarious suggestions that you'd never actually do to your kids, but sometimes, you'd like to think that you could.

9. Angsty Birds T-shirt ($20)

Got a Dad on your list who's addicted to the smartphone game, but is too hip to buy the officially licensed merchandise? Get him this shirt instead.

10. "The Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You" ($20)

Most dads like myself don't really enjoy Father's Day, because we're worried about money, raising our kids and thinking about what will eventually do us in. This book will likely turn your dad into a hypochondriac if he isn't one already.

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