Veeam launches solution for virtualization management

Free System Center 2012 Management Pack 10-Pack provides fault-tolerant and agentless VMware infrastructure monitoring and management directly in Microsoft System Center

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While it's true that Microsoft System Center 2012 can already manage VMware on its own, it's fairly limited in what it can do and only provides basic monitoring functionality for vSphere. That's more than what VMware vCenter provides out-of-the-box for Hyper-V users, but it still isn't enough to keep organizations from having to invest in and use multiple management tools. Veeam is ready to double down on the idea that Microsoft is going to continue to gain traction with its hypervisor technology, and the company believes that users will demand a single management application to control their physical environments as well as their VMware and Hyper-V mixed-mode virtual data centers.

Beyond the simple functionality that System Center already provides, Veeam's MP adds alerts, diagrams, dashboards, reporting, auditing, notifications, responses, and automation for all VMware components, including vCenter Server, clusters, hosts, virtual machines, storage, and hardware. It can also provide a detailed health model with hundreds of metrics and events, including advanced metrics such as memory pressure, disk pressure, and disk IOPS that are unique to Veeam MP.

"Many of our customers rely on System Center and can be assured they have the best combination of technology to monitor, manage, and protect their IT environments that work seamlessly with System Center 2012," said Ratmir Timashev, president and CEO of Veeam Software. "By offering the Veeam Management Pack 10-Pack, customers will be able to realize the benefits of Veeam and Microsoft technology working together."

The free Veeam Management Pack 10-Pack is a fully functioning version of the MP and comes with a full year of maintenance and support. However, there are a few caveats to keep in mind. In order to qualify for this offer, you must be new to the Veeam MP and have System Center 2012 or plans to deploy it soon. In addition, the free license only supports up to 10 sockets.

What does that mean? Licensing for 10 sockets could translate to supporting five VMware host servers (such as dual socket/quad core hosts); with an average consolidation ratio of say 10:1 (VMs to host), that would mean Veeam MP would support around 50 VMware VMs. If you are a Microsoft Hyper-V shop and plan to only virtualize your mission-critical applications with VMware vSphere, a 10-socket license may be sufficient. However, if your VMware virtual machine requirements increase over time, you may need to purchase additional MP licenses for System Center.

Is a 10-socket license enough to get you hooked into System Center 2012?

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