Move over, VDI: It's time for IDV

VDI may have met a new competitor in the form of intelligent desktop virtualization

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Plus, Wanova provides tools for IT to perform centralized repair and migration, along with updates and fixes to a single core image pushed out to clients.

What I like about the overall IDV approach, whether in a hypervisor-based tool like NxTop or in a client-based tool like Mirage, is that the users have local access to their systems and their data at all times.

I'm also excited to see other innovations result from the new thinking behind IDV. For example, Wanova has developed a file portal that lets users access their files online. If someone needs a PowerPoint presentation on a laptop that is broken or left at home, he or she can log into the file portal from an iPad, PC, Mac, or any other system with a browser. From there, they can grab that file without getting a new laptop and restoring the whole system just to access that one file at that moment.

The immediate future lies with IDV
I foresee a world in which our desktops, laptops, tablets, and whatever will be in the cloud. All our data -- everything -- will be available from anywhere. A device will be just an access point, an endpoint to reach that data. A future in which VDI may be king is not far out of reach.

But today? There are hundreds of millions of desktops and laptops with locally installed Windows, and VDI costs too much to become the end-all, be-all solution to enable that future. The infrastructure isn't there yet, and neither is the cloud.

That's why IDV is the better choice today. Centralized management with a localized OS, whether hypervisor-based or on a traditionally installed OS -- IDV will do what you need without having to alter your infrastructure and empty your company's bank account.

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