Unified communications still fragmented

The technology may get a big push from mobile adoption, but integration among multiple UC components is still a tough slog and adoption rates are low

UC "is not an IT project that is truly ever 'completed,'" Gareiss says. "It's an evolution, and IT staffs will always add new communications, collaboration, enterprise and mobile applications to an overall UC framework."

Best practices for UC adoption

  • When implementing a unified communications system, hire consultants or integrators with expertise in the new system as well as legacy telecom systems in place. Knowledge about both will help the installation and transition go more smoothly and avoid integration and compatibility problems.
  • Tap into resources such as other organizations that have deployed UC and overcome challenges your organization might face, such as cultural change or integration with legacy communications systems. Ask vendors for customer references.
  • Make sure the vendor, systems integrator or consultant has the resources to set up and test the system in a lab setting before rolling it out within the organization. All functionality should be tested to make sure everything works as planned given the company's network infrastructure, phone sets, mobile devices, and so on.
  • Provide detailed training to users on UC features and capabilities, particularly to those who have never used the technology before. Without training and an explanation of the benefits of features, people are less likely to take advantage of them.
  • If the company has a mix of vendor UC systems (for example, as a result of merger and acquisition activity), ensure that applications can be developed and deployed on multivendor infrastructures.
  • For very large organizations (e.g., 10,000 users in multinational locations), consider a phased rollout of UC. Implementing the new services in small increments to a limited number of users enables the company to understand how each application works and what support structure it requires before a full-scale rollout.

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