True tales of tech execs gone wild

Caught stealing toys from Target? On the lam from meth lab-hunting vigilantes? It's just another day in the busy lives of two tech bosses

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Since cashing out of McAfee (the company) in 1994, McAfee (the human) has started up a variety of oddball businesses, including an instant messaging software vendor and a travel firm specializing in motorized hang glider tours. But a meth lab was not among them, he claims.

Still, on the morning of May 4, McAfee was startled out of the bed he was sharing with his 17-year-old girlfriend by men holding automatic weapons. As he told Honan by telephone:

I jumped out of bed, I'm naked, I ran out on the porch where I could see troops with automatic weapons and in their assault stance, the low walk, definitely aggressive hostile movement. I went inside, put some pants on, came back out, and was shoved up against the wall. And that began my day.

According to McAfee, the raid was payback for failure to fork over the required tribute to a local politician. His punishment: a night huddled on the cement floor of a Belize jail with five other inmates and an overturned milk carton that had recently been filled with human waste. (Sorry.) Now he's in an undisclosed location, rationing the last remaining bits of juice on his smartphone battery to post messages online and chat with reporters.

Over the last couple of years McAfee's reputation for honesty has taken a few hits (and, presumably, so has McAfee), and his entire story may be BS. Still, it's a heckuvalot more interesting than Facebook's bungled IPO or who won the Google-Oracle lawsuit.

You're a 66-year-old maverick millionaire on the run, and you've just been rousted from bed with a girl one-quarter your age by armed gunmen. I bet a lot of people would settle for that. Me, I'd just settle for the movie rights.

Where would you go if you were on the lam? (And don't say Legoland.) Post your final destinations below or email me:

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