Dirty IT jobs: Grime and punishment

Flame wars, leakage, nasty Polish texting -- six more tales of dirty duty in IT

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That dirty job fell to one of her male staffers, a 26-year-old copywriter named Ben DeMeter. But DePhillips' copy-producing career never seems to stray too far from that, umm, area. For example, DePhillips says her first writing gig after college was blogging about adult videos for a well-known men's site while pretending to be a man.

Even after she started her own company, she was hired by a mom-and-pop shop that made large-format stick-on decals. That shop had an order from a fetish site that specialized in female body builders who were extremely well developed in a region of the anatomy not usually on display to the general public. She found herself writing about wall-size images of, well, you get the picture.

"It was like they were injecting steriods directly into their lady bits," she said. "I was happy when that project was over."

The dirtiest part of her job? Avoiding lawsuits.

"Recently a writer we hired posted this photo of downtown Omaha to a blog he was ghostwriting," she says. "It turns out that image was copyrighted. We ended up getting sued $9,000 for this crappy photo of Nebraska. That was a big wake-up call for us. Since then we've strengthened our contracts with writers and double-check every image. And we carry cyber liability insurance in the unlikely case that happens again."

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