Who are tech's 50 highest paid CEOs?

Oracle’s Larry Ellison was finally ousted from the top spot on the list of highest paid tech execs

4. Sam Palmisano, former IBM CEO
Compensation: $31.8 million
In his final year as Big Blue's CEO, Palmisano earned a $31.8 million pay package and steered the company to 4 percent revenue growth and 10 percent gains in net income. His 2011 compensation -- which is nearly equal to the $31.7 million he netted a year earlier -- included a $1.8 million salary, $6.5 million bonus, stock awards worth $14.3 million, $7.6 million attributed to changes in the value of his pension and retention plans, and $1.6 million in perks and other compensation. Palmisano, who remains chairman at IBM, handed the CEO reins to Virginia Rometty, effective Jan. 1, 2012. For 2011, IBM revenue climbed from $95.8 billion to $99.9 billion, and net income grew from $13.4 billion to $14.8 billion.

3. Sanjay Jha, Motorola Mobility CEO and chairman
Compensation: $47.2 million
A threefold compensation increase? That's what Jha got with his 2011 pay package, valued at $47.1 million. His compensation last year included a $1.2 million salary, $1.8 million bonus, equity awards valued at $43.6 million, and $557,992 in perks and other compensation. Motorola Mobility, meanwhile, grew revenue by 14 percent but saw its losses widen in 2011. The company's revenue hit $13.1 billion, up from $11.5 billion in 2010. Its net loss for 2010 was $249 million, compared to a net loss of $86 million in the prior year.

2. Larry Ellison, Oracle CEO
Compensation: $77.6 million
Ellison has been the highest paid tech chief on our list each year since Network World started tracking CEO compensation, but this year his $77.6 million pay package was bested by another tech CEO's enormous windfall (see the next slide for details). Not only that, Ellison was paid less than one of his own henchmen: Oracle President Mark Hurd, whose 2011 pay package is valued at $78.4 million. Nonetheless, Ellison collected a $1 salary, $13.3 million bonus, option awards valued at $62.7 million, and perks worth $1.5 million in 2011. His total pay package grew by 11 percent compared to fiscal 2010, when he received $70.1 million. During the same time period, the company grew revenue by 33 percent (from $26.8 billion in 2010 to $35.6 billion.

1. Tim Cook, Apple CEO
Compensation: $378 million
The bulk of Cook's $378 million compensation package consists of a “promotion and retention award,” valued at $376 million, which he received after being named CEO in August. Cook's pay package also included his $900,017 salary, $900,000 cash bonus, and $16,520 in perks and other compensation. By comparison, former CEO Steve Jobs, who passed away on Oct. 5, 2011, received his customary $1 salary last year and declined any new stock or option awards, as he had for years. In its 2011 fiscal year, which ended Sept. 24, Apple's revenue grew to $108.2 billion, representing a 66 percent increase over the prior year's $65.2 billion revenue. Net income grew to $25.9 billion, a gain of 85 percent compared to $14 billion in 2010.

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