Windows 8 takes a licking, but keeps on ticking

The debate over Windows 8 rages on, with both sides testifying -- and one user claiming it 'shimmers'

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Reader J.O. serves up more love for Win8, along with a helpful history lesson:

I am "all in" with Windows 8. Upgraded my home PC to 8 and recently bought a Win8 phone (HTC 8X). I may even give my wife my iPad and get a Surface Pro. ...

Win8 search is great (context sensitive) and Picture Password is both cool and smart ... [and] while I DO own a 23" Planar touchscreen, you can ABSOLUTELY navigate Win8 without a touchscreen. You just won't get to enjoy the Metro apps. BTW, I'm no MS fan boy ... but just think Win8 is getting a bum rap. Remember, we all HATED WinXP when it first arrived!

Meanwhile, reader D.K. is among those who said adios to Microsoft a while ago and never looked back:

I personally left the Windows world for Ubuntu. I completely wiped out my PC of Windows 7 Professional OS and installed Ubuntu. I'm tired of the shoddy track record Microsoft has with OSes, especially in the area of security. Bye, bye Windows!

Finally, regarding The Interface Formerly Known As Metro (TIFKAM), frequent correspondent G.W. cites a blog post by Paul Thurrott comparing the schizo tablet/desktop OS to an old "Saturday Night Live" skit about a product that's both a floor wax and a dessert topping. (If you remember that one, you're as ancient as I am.) That faux product was known as Shimmer. G.W. writes:

There we have it, the new name for the Metro interface: Shimmer. May I count on your support to drum up support for this new name?

Consider it done. From now on, Metro will be known as Shimmer in this space.

Is there a shimmer of hope for Win8? Continue the debate below or email me:

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