All I want for Christmas is a sign of technological sanity

Net neutrality, real broadband innovation, patent/copyright clarity -- is that too much to ask? I've been really good this year

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A semblance of scientific and technological literacy in government
Yeah, I know -- good luck. However, it wasn't always this way. Once upon a time there was the Office of Technology Assessment that actually worked to provide Congress with objective and accurate research on technological issues. Naturally, in 1995, with the United States gearing up for the most massive technological revolution in history, Newt Gingrich and his cronies mothballed the office. Since then, technology and general science have had no objective voice in the U.S. government, and instead, we wind up with an 89-year-old chairman of House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology who's also a climate change denier.

It's never been more important for our elected representatives to have at least a smidgen of a clue about technology and specifically computing. They need to be advised by impartial, highly knowledgeable people, not lobbyists who themselves are only lightly technical in nature. We've built the entirety of modern civilization on computers and computer networks, and there's absolutely no excuse to continue to send technically ignorant people to Congress. That's how we'll wind up losing our technical edge to other countries and, with it, a sizable portion of our economy. Oh wait, that might already be happening.

Full-on, no-nonsense, Net neutrality
Enough said. This means no interference whatsoever on data traversing a network: no tiering, no compensated prioritization, no protection rackets, nothing more than today's status quo, though it seems that many ISPs are already playing shady games. The Internet needs to be free and unfettered from central controlling interests. Otherwise, it turns into a fragmented collection of quasi monopolies, kind of like the current ISP/content owner conglomerates.

That's it really -- a short list for this year. Maybe next year we can work on other important stuff, like throwing the doors open on the amount of Internet usage data being collected, by whom, and for what ends. I can dream, can't I?

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