A New Year's resolution you can keep: A clean inbox

The Inbox Zero method will help you unbury from your email inbox overload

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With 10,000 messages in my own inbox -- and you're probably in the same shape -- there's no way I can triage all that email in one sitting. Instead, I'm moving all messages into the DMZ folder and will go through its contents, starting with the oldest notes, in 10-minute chunks. As I review and delete, I'll also figure out a folder structure for the emails I want to keep. Once I'm confortable with that setup, I'll create filters to sort emails into the relevant folders where possible. That'll keep future emails from littering my clean inbox.

That's my goal for 2013: a zero inbox. But I have a few other suggestions that you can use to improve your productivity in 2013:

  • Organize your desktop. Consider a tool like Stardock Fences that helps you organize your desktop icons into a cleaner, more organized place.
  • Run leaner by eliminating duplicate data. Of the many tools to dedupe your PC's files, I like Easy Duplicate Finder. This tool will help you identify the redundant copies of your documents, photos, songs, videos, and so forth and determine what you would like to do with them. You'll save not just disk space but the time and hassle of figuring out which file is what when you're in a crunch.
  • Back up your PC to the cloud. Everyone should back up their PCs' data. It's best to do so in the cloud, so an on-premise disaster (big or small) at home or work doesn't threaten your backup copy as well, a risk with local backups. There are many cloud backup offerings to choose from.

Happy New Year -- and best wishes for fulfilling your resolutions!

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