A Windows admin takes a shine to Chrome OS

Google's cloud-based operating system is surprisingly useful -- and manageable -- for the basics

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In the Google Admin Control Panel, it's quite simple to locate settings. I was especially curious about password settings compared to Windows security and found settings to be light; you can configure minimum and maximum lengths but nothing fancy beyond that. I really liked the monitoring tab with the advanced password settings that let me see the lengths of my users' passwords and their strength levels. I also liked that the Reports tab showed mail and user activity in one place, with additional usage graphs available for Calendar, Docs, and Mobile Devices.

I appreciated that you can assert some controls or leave them to the user to configure certain items: for example, screen lock, some browser settings and options, and various features and apps.

Ultimately, I can see how the movement toward Google Apps might drive you to using Chrome OS PCs over traditional Windows systems. They are sleek, powerful, fast, and functional. They may lack certain bells and whistles, but not as many as you might think. The management tools are there to cover basic IT needs.

What could Google do to make Chrome OS more acceptable in the enterprise? Adding support for Windows to Go in Intel-based systems is clear need. Another is tying more into Active Directory and Group Policy application support.

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